Training course ‘Media Literate. Digitally Skilled: Ready for Anti-discrimination Campaigning’ was a single activity developed in close cooperation of Finish and Macedonian organizations addressing the need to fight discrimination and hate speech and contribute to creating more inclusive societies.

The activity connected 12 organizations and 40 participants coming from Finland, Macedonia, Croatia, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, Lithuania, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain and Poland with strong interest in the areas covered by the training course – media literacy, fighting discrimination and hate speech, empowering young people to take active role in creating more socially inclusive society.

In the training course there were also involved young people with fewer opportunities coming from several countries. We considered direct involvement of these participants important as they belonged to the groups facing discrimination and social exclusion and other challenges.

The training were held in Struga, Republic of Macedonia, from 11 – 20.09.2015